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Specialists in

  • Companies: legal counsel, shareholder's agreements, formation, winding up and extinction of commercial entities and corporate reorganization.
  • Preparation of corporate by-laws and regulations for general shareholders? and boards of directors? meetings.
  • Legal management of ordinary operations of companies.
  • Commercial Contracts: drafting, negotiating, counseling and reporting.
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law.
  • Good Corporate Governance:  Reports and Statements. Preparation of the annual report on corporate governance. Revision and updating of general guidelines for corporate governance in order to adapt them to the legal practices. Operating guidelines for the Board of Directors and internal committees. Conflict-of-interest situations. Shareholders? right to information.


  • Legal advice and representation on infringement proceedings before and inspections by Spanish National Competition Commission (Comisión Nacional de la Competencia ?CNC-) and other competition authorities.
  • Restrictive practices and the abuse of dominant positions, including the assessment of agreements and strategic alliances.
  • Reports and recommendations on regulatory changes.
  • Compliance programmes, including practical guidelines, protocols for inspections and training for managers and employees.
  • Proceedings before national and European courts and European Commission.
  • Legal advice and preventive measures relating to misrepresentation and confusion; imitation ; passing off ; protecting trade secrets; poaching employees and clients; abuse of economic dependence situations; blocking, boycotting and ambushing.


  • Legal auditing and projects for compliance with personal data protection legislation.
  • Legal defense in proceedings before the Spanish Personal Data Protection Agency (AEPD) and before Audiencia Nacional (National High Court). 
  • Crimes against the economic order.
  • Offenses against natural resources and the environment.
  • Crimes against the Public Authorities.


  • Hiring and contractual modifications.
  • Reorganisation and/or restructuring of staff. Measures to increase flexibility and standardisation of working conditions.
  • Collective bargaining.
  • Disciplinary and penalisation schemes.
  • Labour & Social Security Authorities and Labour Inspection.
  • Legal proceedings.


  • Intellectual Property and Copyright.
  • Protection of the rights to honor, privacy and one?s own image.


  • Marketing of products and services, market behavior, security and labeling of products, contracting terms and conditions. 


  • Appeals in administrative and contentious-administrative channels, instigating any appropriate actions (provisional cancellation of acts and laws, nullity and execution incidents, etc.).
  • Condemnation (Compulsory purchasing).
  • Permits.
  • Sanctions.  
  • Public Contracting.
  • Environmental Law.
  • Local Government Law.
  • Regulated sectors.
  • Energy projects. 
  • Tax Proceedings.Claims lodged against tax bodies and before economic-administrative & contentious courts.
  • Professional Councils and Associations.Professional Standards and Ethics Law. 


  • Zoning.Preparation and processing of urban development zoning regulations: master plans, division plans, partial plans, detailed studies.
  • Planning agreements: negotiating, drafting and approval of agreements on planning and urban management matters.
  • Equitable distribution of land (re-allotment and compensation).
  • Compensation boards and maintenance entities: setting up of planning and advisory entities.
  • Urban planning agents: drafting and approval of urban development programmes.
  • Legal advice to obtain construction licenses.
  • Enforcement proceedings and sanctions.  
  • Legal orchestration of contentious-administrative appeals for sanctions, expropriations, authorisations, permits, closing orders and against urban development planning and management instruments.
  • Contracts: selling and purchasing of properties, lease-back transactions, deposits, plot sales.
  • Leasing, eviction, rents.
  • Advisory service to community ownerships.
  • Property registry regularization and drafting of property enquiries.
  • Real Estate Construction Law.
  • Turnkey contracts.   
  • Civil Liability.
  • Insurance claims.
  • State & Public Authorities Liability.
  • Legal Advice to Operators.
  • Contracts.
  • Infrastructure: legal support in projects for the construction and laying of networks, rights of way and infrastructure sharing and equipment supply.  
  • Legal defense in proceedings before the Spanish Telecommunications Market Commission (Comisión del mercado de las Telecomunicaciones -CMT-)


  • Legal Advice on agreements and  management of touristic investments, as well as on adquisitions of assets and companies of the Hotel Industry.